Understanding Gambler Central VIP Promotions

Vesuvius Poker

What is VIP Status
Before a casino goer can be awarded VIP bonuses and promotions, he or she must first reach VIP status in a gambler central casino, get the best offer at vesuviuspoker.com site. There are typically three ways in which this can be done. First, a player may achieve VIP status for being a regular player at a specific venue for a set period of time. Second, VIP status may be awarded to high rollers who successfully spend a certain amount of their own money in a casino, regardless of the length of their memberships. Finally, some casinos allow subscriptions to VIP benefits; these can be paid either monthly or annually.
Cash Deposits>/b>
One of the promotions that VIPs may receive from a bonus gambler central is an increase in deposit matching bonuses with Red Flush casino. For example, while a typical player may receive a 100% match of up to $200 on a monthly basis, a VIP customer could receive double this. There may also be opportunities for VIPs to collect on no deposit bonuses or even access to various bonus codes that are not available to other players.
Non-Cash Rewards
Some of the non-cash rewards that a gambler central goer may have access to include concert tickets, free stays at exclusive resorts, a set number of free spins on the slot machine of their choice, free meals in five-star restaurants and even access to exclusive sweepstakes and popular Slot game. These sweepstakes may have grand prizes such as automobiles, luxury vacation packages or even real cash.
Points Systems
Aside from traditional cash and prizes, VIPs may be enrolled in a points-based system that allows them to collect credits that can be spent on games or prizes and play Roulette online. For example, while a typical player may earn one point for each dollar spent, a VIP may earn double or triple points. Later, these points can be exchanged for a variety of prizes or even a certain amount of free play.