Roulette House Edge

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There are certain things that players should known about their bets placed on roulette tables. It actually allows players to payout with equal house edge, learn to play roulette at site. For demonstration, place 2 chips on 23 and 24 split - your friend places on 23, while you lace on 24. Therefore, you would have equal chances of making it big in this game and the numbers would come up, and you can even win up to 35 chips, but your friend might win only 34 chips. So, the game will be for one chip that lies on your table. These bets would actually give you 36 chips in total - this is actually the same and applied for all the chip positions, which includes the outside bets too. For instance, if a single chip is placed on different red numbers, which is 18, it would give you all the 18 chips on your red bet playing Roulette online game.

The Single Zero Roulette Wheels is an interesting table game that has total 37 numbers. As players return from one straight up bet, which is 36, they can see that casino will take 1 chip cut off out of 37. There are calculations that help in understanding the methods of these games with VIP promotions.

Double Zero Roulette Wheels are games in which tables have 38 numbers. The payout remains the same. Because the game is about one zero wheels the casino will take cut of two chips out of 38.

There are some double zero wheels having house edge too, which can eat into the bank roll very quickly. This is one of the reasons why the roulette has not been very popular in USA. This game is avoided in most cases. The Single Zero game is more preferred in some parts of Europe, try gambling at Bwin casino. It is fun and offers wider scope to win as well.